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Julia Sabaté

“Un pájaro solo sabe ser libre si aprende a volar.”

Julia Sabaté, an enchanting artist, invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the depths of passion, emotion, and raw feelings. Hailing from a small town in Holland, yet deeply rooted in her Spanish heritage, she fearlessly sets out on a musical adventure to reconnect with her ancestral roots.

Driven by her innate connection to emotions, cherished memories, and personal stories, Julia weaves together a compelling blend of pop, electronic, and hip-hop influences. Her music resonates with authenticity and vulnerability, unafraid to expose the depths of her soul. Each composition becomes a gateway to uncharted territories, empowering listeners with strength, energy, and above all, the courage to embrace their own emotions.

As the final notes of her performance linger in the air, Julia gracefully releases your hand, signaling the beginning of your own personal journey. With her music as your guide, you are encouraged to take flight, to soar to new heights, and to explore the boundless possibilities that lie within.